Dairy Improvement Grant Awards


Karie Atherton, Aires Hill Farm Inc., Berkshire
$7,600 to Barn floor improvements

Jennifer Breen, Hall and Breen Farm, LLC, Orwell
$11,784 to retrofit a barn for robotic milking machines

James and Kristie Callan, Fairfield
$11,000 to retrofit a milk room and replace a bulk tank

Randy Callan, Fairfield
$11,000 to retrofit a milk room and replace a bulk tank

Lyndon, Joyce and Timothy Corey, Corey Acres Farm, Fairfield
$4,300 to purchase a round bale unwrapper

Stephen and Richard Dodd, Dodd Farms, Sheldon
$40,000 to build a dry cow transition barn

Wayne Fiske, Windfall Acres, Franklin
$32,500 to build a heifer barn and pipeline addition

Billie Jo Forgues, Rusty John Farm, Addison
$11,000 to retrofit a milk room and replace a bulk tank

Michael LaClair, Sr., M & C Family Farm, Charlotte
$40,000 to add robotic milking capacity

Richard Longway, Longway Farms, Swanton
$25,000 to upgrade barn floors

Emery and Geordie Lynd, Northwind Farm, Walden
$28,600 to build a heifer barn

Mark Magnan, Magnan Bros. Dairy, Inc., Fairfield
$20,000 to add a second milk parlor with robotic milkers

Jeff Sheldon, Sheldon Farm Inc., Fair Haven
$40,000 to make milk room retrofits and install automatic take-offs

Laura Sizen, Sizen Dairy Farm, Georgia Center
$40,000 to construct a new barn

Annie Wagner, Green Dream Farm, Enosburg Falls
$32,250 to make cow comfort improvements

Julie Wolcott, Green Wind Farm, Fairfield
$7,030 to install water lines, bowls, and pasture mats

Franklin and Mary Yates, Fairfield
$22,767 to install new cow stalls, fans and water bowls



Joseph & Claudia Allen, Allendale Farm, Vergennes
$37,000 to install a curtain system in their barn to improve ventilation

Reg Chaput, Chaput Family Farms, North Troy
$20,000 to purchase a no-till corn planter

Jennifer Churchill, Wonder Why Farm, Cabot
$40,000 to construct a new dairy freestall with robotic milkers

Joseph Hesock, Elysian Fields, Shoreham
$40,000 to construct a calf raising facility

George Lawson, Cornerstone Dairy, Orleans
$20,000 to construct a transition barn to provide a space for calving and milking after calving

Donald Pouliot, Pouliot Dairy Farm, Westford
$24,580 to purchase a vertical tillage equipment

Peter Smith, Chimney Point Farm, Addison
$20,295 to install a cement manure pit

Brad Thomas, Jillian Holsteins, Shoreham
$37,925 to construct a manure pit and purchase a pump and manure spreader

Tyler Webb, Stony Pond Farm, Fairfield
$40,000 to install a new milking parlor and convert a barn to house calves



Jonathan & Maryann Connor, Providence Dairy, Addison
$8,500 to build a grazing system

Ron Machia, Machia & Sons Dairy, Sheldon
$15,000 to install a centrifuge for dairy manure solids

Ron Sweet, Bedrock Farm, St. Albans
$7,500 to renovate a manure pit

Lorenzo Whitcomb, North Williston Cattle Co., Williston
$17,000 to purchase of no-till corn planter

Dean & Angela Wright, The Wright Farm, Enosburg
$17,000 to purchase a manure solids separator



John and Heather Brigham, Holyoke Farm, St. Albans
$40,000 to build a synthetic lined waste system storage pond and stacking slab

Eric Clifford, Clifford Farm LLC, Starksboro
$25,000 to purchase a no-till grain drill

Paul Couture, Ber-Lane Farms, Berkshire
$40,000 to construct a silo

Wayne & Nancy Fiske, Windfall Acres, Highgate Center, VT
$8,150 to upgrade their milking units

Grace Gosliga, Gosliga Farm Inc., Addison, VT
$25,000 to purchase a no till seeder

Jennifer Hall, Hall & Breen Farm, LLC, Orwell, VT
$8,000 to renovate the barn feed alleys

Jill Maxham, Lakeside Farm, South Hero
$13,500 to purchase a round bale feeder, upgrade bulk tank, and empty and repair the manure pit

Karen & Patrick O’Donnell, O’Donnell Farm, Westfield, VT
$21,500 to construct a manure storage system for heifers

Eric Paris, Tamarlane Farm, Lyondonville
$20,000 to build covered feeding area for non-grazing season

Henry and Allison Pearl, Hill View Farm, Danville
$40,000 to support pasture conversion and rehabilitation project

Denise Pothier, Pothier Farm, Newport, VT
$21,926 to establish a pasture management and grazing system

Steve and Kelly Robinson, Island Acres Farm, South Hero
$7,330 to upgrade manure handling infrastructure

Denis and Lori Royer, Royers Family Farm, Orleans, VT
$20,000 to improve manure storage systems

Nathan & Darcy Smart, East View Farm, Brunswick, VT
$35,000 to build a heifer facility

Brandon Tanner, Tip Top Tanner Farm, Lyndonville
$40,000 to build a covered barnyard to improve water quality

Mark Vosburg, Vosburg Farm, St. Albans, VT
$22,428 to purchase a new bulk tank and renovate the milk house

Lorenzo Whitcomb, North Williston Cattle Company, Williston, VT
$20,000 to purchase storage tanks allowing the farm to grow and store their own soy