Farm Viability Implementation Grants





For the eighth year, the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program is pleased to announce that funds are available on a competitive basis for grants to past program participants. The implementation grant program helps Farm Viability Program participants to implement specific aspects of their business plan.

This round of grants is available to farm businesses that have completed a full business plan or transfer plan through the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program in 2012, 2013 or 2014 (with a business advisor at the Intervale Center, NOFA-VT, University of Vermont Extension, Land For Good or with an independent consultant) are invited to apply. While funding for this grant program is not guaranteed year to year, we hope to make implementation grants available to enrolled farmers as they complete the business planning process through this program. From now on, farmers will be eligible for grants in the year after they complete Year One or Year Two of the program.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to: farm infrastructure construction, equipment, machinery upgrades, and energy efficiency projects.  Please review the guidelines section of the Application Instructions for more details.

How to Apply

1. Read the Application Instructions thoroughly! This will help you understand the various requirements related to eligibility and matching funds; how to properly submit your application and supplementary materials; the criteria used to select projects for funding; the terms and and conditions of grant awards; and what the review committee will expect to see in your business plan.

2. Compile the required materials, including an up-to-date business plan and a completed budget sheet, then submit your application online or by mail.

a. Online submission
It is preferred that you submit your application through our online submission system (link). For guidance on how to use the online system, see the Application Instructions.

b. Submission by mail
If you do not have reliable access to the internet or experience difficulty with the online application, you can submit the application in hard copy by mail. You are welcome to hand-write the basic information and budget, but the narrative questions and business plan must be typed. We cannon accept emailed applications.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by 5pm on December 8th, 2014.


If you have any questions regarding this grant opportunity, please contact Liz Gleason at 828-3370 or