Request For Consultants' Qualifications

At the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program, we are looking for individuals and firms that are interested in providing business-related services to the agricultural and forestry sectors. As part of a network of organizations in Vermont that provide business planning and technical assistance, we and our peer organizations are continually seeking consultants that can help make the services for our client businesses more robust. The skills we look for include:

  • Business Planning, especially for farmers, loggers, mill operators

  • Financial Record-keeping and Management

  • Marketing planning and analysis

  • Human Resources Management

  • Specialized production analysis and consulting

  • Assisting entrepreneurs in accessing capital

  • Management Coaching

  • Retirement and Ownership Transition Planning

  • Legal Advising, Bookkeeping, Accounting, etc.

In an effort to facilitate networking between the individuals and firms with these skills and the service provider organizations in our network, we will collect and circulate consultants’ qualifications amongst our organizational peers. This will be followed by an event for consultants to connect face-to-face with each of our organizations and become familiar with the consulting opportunities out there.
For more details, see the full RFQ:

Ela, Liz and Ian

The Vermont Farm Viability Program is a program
of the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board.