Lead-Safe Renovationssss

Anyone doing renovations or remodeling in properties built before 1978 should be aware of the potential risks associated with lead-contaminated dust generated by the work. Improper scraping or sanding of surfaces with lead paint can quickly contaminate an area or entire home. With the proper knowledge, common sense, and the right tools, renovations of older buildings can be done safely. Owners of pre-1978 residential rental properties are required by Vermont law (Act 165) to conduct Essential Maintenance Practices (EMPs). These practices need to be performed by a certified individual who has attended a Vermont Department of Health-approved EMP training class. Homeowners, especially those with young children, should consider attending the training if they live in an older home. The course provides important information about the health effects of lead poisoning in children and adults, how to safely complete work and properly clean afterwards, and information about real estate disclosure laws.

Lead Contractor List

Certain activities that generate lots of dust should be completed by certified lead abatement contractors.Click here for a list of Vermont-certified contractors. For more information on lead-safe renovations click here.

Lead Paint is a program of the Vermont
Housing & Conservation Board.