Meet Our Member - Caitlin Miller

Group Outreach & Education CoordinatorCaitlin

Caitlin is originally from southern NH but went to school for English Literature at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, QC. She first moved to Vermont a year before she graduated to work as a backcountry caretaker for the Green Mountain Club where she was introduced to conservation work. After two seasons of caretaking, Caitlin was given the opportunity to join AmeriCorps and serve at the GMC as their Group Outreach Coordinator. As the GOC, she works with organized hiking groups that use the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail in Vermont to help them minimize their impact in the backcountry. She also hosts a number of education programs and events. In her free time Caitlin is usually hiking, biking, studying for my GREs, or marathon-watching TV series.

What is a typical day like in your position with AmeriCorps?

My schedule varies so much, I don’t know if there’s ever a typical day! I do get in a lot of field days whether I’m scouting trails and shelters, helping the field staff, or leading service trips. I also serve many nights and weekends for education events, workshops, and tabling opportunities.

Why did you join VHCB AmeriCorps?

Originally I joined to continue my career at the GMC. However, I signed up for a second term because I see how valuable serving with AmeriCorps is and I’ve really enjoyed making so many connections to my local community.

What has surprised you most about serving with AmeriCorps?

There have been so many surprises! The two biggest are: how much I’ve grown professionally and how dedicated my fellow AmeriCorps members are to making a difference in their communities. It’s amazed me how passionate all the members are about the different issues they face in their day-to-day service, from homelessness to conservation efforts.

What is the highlight of serving at your site?

Definitely getting to be outside so much. When my office work load is light I get out and scout sections of trail or shelters I’ve never been to. Not only is it a blast, but I also become more able to provide trail information to the groups I work with.

What would you like other people to know about serving with VHCB AmeriCorps?

DO IT! You gain professional development, social awareness, have access to an excellent support system through VHCB, and make connections to people in your community who care about the same issues you do. Plus the education award is pretty nice to receive at the end of your term!

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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