Meet Our Member – Heather Francisco

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Volunteer and Service Coordinator

Heather  comes from an organic farm in upstate New York.  She moved to Vermont with her best friend as an independent contractor/farmer.

What is a typical day like in your AmeriCorps position?

  On a typical day I meet with a rotating schedule of 5-10 of 30 individuals/families that live at Groundworks Shelter. I work as part of a case management team with the co-directors of the Shelter. I spend time each day with contacting and following-up with Groundworks volunteers. I also work to recruit new agency volunteers and I take part in some agency committees and ad-hocs related to increasing resources for the homeless population. I am the Groundworks Emergency Overflow Shelter Meal Team Coordinator, I make sure that there is a Meal Team of 3-6 people scheduled each night of the week to feed an average of 30 people who sleep at the church or on the streets while they are waiting to get a bed at our 90 day shelter.

Why did you join VHCB AmeriCorps?

The AmeriCorps placement offered in Brattleboro was positioned at the epicenter of the helping community in Brattleboro, this position offered the opportunity for me to perform the most direct support to this population as possible.

What has surprised you most about serving with AmeriCorps?

I think the paperwork requirements for AmeriCorps are most surprising to me.

What is the highlight of serving at your site?

Groundworks Collaborative is looked at as being expert in their field, it is a hub for multiple community services. Serving at Groundworks provides me with direct access to networking with multiple agencies.

What would you like other people to know about serving with VHCB AmeriCorps?

Serving with AmeriCorps provides you with a supported community of experts to learn from. That being said, your position is extremely important to your host site, your position requires you to act in a professional role alongside your peers. AmeriCorps positions are very important to the community.

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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