Meet Our Member – Remy Crettol

Environmental Educator & Resource Specialist

Remy Crettol - Meet Our MembersRemy graduated from the University of Vermont as an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in ecology and conservation. His hobbies include wildlife tracking, home and garden horticulture, hiking, wood carving, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, and kayaking. Remy’s primary responsibilities as Environmental Educator and Resource Specialist include lesson planning for classroom visits, afterschool programs, service learning projects, and summer and winter vacation camps. He works with students of all ages and is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm for nature with others.


Why did you join VHCB AmeriCorps?

I heard about VHCB AmeriCorps through the Winooski Valley Park District. I did my Senior Capstone Internship for the University of Vermont with the Park District and then was hired as a Head Summer Camp Counselor. In this time, I got to know the previous AmeriCorps member and wanted to have the same opportunity to serve my community.


What are you learning or gaining out of your service?

Through my service with the Winooski Valley Park District I have learned to be a more experienced educator. I have also had the pleasure of getting to meet lots of new people with similar interests. I feel proud to be serving my community and an organization whose mission I believe in.


What has surprised you about serving in AmeriCorps?

The monthly AmeriCorps gatherings are awesome! We have got to do some really fun things as a group like going to an adventure ropes course! These meetings are a great bonding experience and create a sense of community within VHCB AmeriCorps.


What's the best thing about serving at your site?

My favorite part about serving the Winooski Valley Park District is getting to share my enthusiasm for nature with others. It is very rewarding to get people interested in something I feel passionate about.
What would you like other people to know about serving in AmeriCorps?

The AmeriCorps program is extremely supportive of each member and goes out of their way to ensure that your term is as rewarding as possible for you, your host site, and the community you serve.

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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