Meet Our Member: Becca Mitchell

Becca, Grn Mtn Farm to SchoolNutrition and Agriculture Educator at the Green Mountain Farm to School

Before coming to the Green Mountain Farm to School, Becca earned her B.S. in Environmental Science, worked as an educator at the FARM Institute on Martha's Vineyard, interned at a hydroelectric facility, and worked as support staff in a preschool. Her current position as Nutrition and Agriculture Educator keeps her busy. "Every day is different, but a large part of my position is going into local preschools and elementary schools and leading educational workshops for students. This can be anything from cooking a taste test with students to doing a seed-saving activity. I also help with support for the Lunchbox, our food truck, during the warmer months." When she's not in the classroom or at the office, Becca is an avid knitter who loves to cook, read, and spend time outdoors.

Why did you join VHCB AmeriCorps?

I spent last year serving at GMFTS through another state AmeriCorps program (NEKI), and was excited to have the opportunity to continue my farm to school efforts in a new role.

What are you learning or gaining out of your service? 

I've learned so much about myself through my experience as an AmeriCorps member. I began with an interest in agriculture/gardening and limited experience as an educator. I've become more confident in my abilities as a leader and teacher, and have discovered a passion for food-access issues that I otherwise wouldn't have explored.

What has surprised you about serving in AmeriCorps? 

I was surprised by how important and valued my work is. My supervisors have given me room to grow in my position and take the lead on certain projects. Also, the feedback I've gotten from the schools and communities I work in have proven that my position is valued beyond my office/organization, which is incredibly gratifying.

What’s the best thing about serving at your site?

The best part of my position/service site is being able to spend so much time with children (especially preschoolers, my favorite age group). I also value the relationships I build at my schools- from my food service directors to principals and teaching staff, there are so many wonderful, inspiring individuals I've met through my service.

What would you like other people to know about serving in AmeriCorps?  

I think you get what you give in terms of serving with AmeriCorps. I've had a really positive experience as an AmeriCorps member because of the efforts I've put into my position and having clear communication with my service site.

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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