Program Overview

The Vermont Housing & Conservation Board AmeriCorps  (VHCB AmeriCorps) is a statewide AmeriCorps project of the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board (VHCB). The Vermont Housing & Conservation Board is an independent, state-supported funding agency providing grants, loans and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations, municipalities and state agencies for the development of perpetually affordable housing and for the conservation of important agricultural land, recreational land, natural areas and historic properties in Vermont.

The VHCB AmeriCorps program is a national service project that places AmeriCorps members with affordable housing, land conservation and environmental education organizations statewide. Members increase the capacity and effectiveness of the organization where they serve while gaining leadership skills and connecting with the mission and goals of a community based nonprofit organization.

What Do VHCB AmeriCorps Members Do?

Housing Members

- Assist first-time homebuyers to learn about budgeting and prequalify for low-interest mortgage loans at Vermont's HomeOwnership Centers.
- Educate tenants on issues of rights and responsibilities; convene groups of residents and citizens to develop and improve resident services.
- Help homeless individuals and families find suitable housing, build life skills, develop resumes, access job training programs and obtain services.
- Recruit volunteers, provide community outreach, make referrals, provide direct services, information and technical assistance.
- Repair, make accessible and weatherize homes.
- Replace graffiti-laden walls with murals; expose kids to cultural events, service opportunities and field trips as well as literacy, life skills, safety, arts-based and recreational activities. Develop resource rooms, libraries and computer labs.

Conservation Members

- Create mailings, contact the media, produce newsletters, create and maintain database records and websites, organize special events.
- Co-develop, coordinate, and teach summer day camps and natural history programs.
- Educate groups about responsible hiking and camping practices.
- Educate residents and housing groups on energy conserving measures.
- Participate in natural area inventories, extract invasive plants and implement weed management plans.
- Perform trail maintenance, restoration and improvement.
- Provide environmental education and service opportunities for school-age youth.
- Recruit volunteers and raise awareness about conservation issues.

Members are placed all over the state; Meet Our Members and view their stories.

To learn more about VHCB AmeriCorps, please visit the Prospective Members page for details on the application process and a list of current AmeriCorps openings!

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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