Story of The Week 10/24/2016

10/24/2016 Story of The Week

Veteran Support

By John Staiger, Twin Pines Housing Trust Project Assistant

This term I have had the opportunity to work with a tenant here at Twin Pines who has previously been homeless for some 20 or more years. "Jim" is a veteran of Vietnam, and has shared lots of his stories and experiences with me as we have gotten to know each other.

Jonathan Tuthill and John Staiger - Twin Pines Housing Trust Project Assistants

Jonathan Tuthill and John Staiger - Twin Pines Housing Trust Project Assistants

One thing he always tells me is that "us vets stick together, we look out for each other, its part of our bond". And in this last quarter of service I have seen that ring true in several situations, but one in particular. Another tenant in the same building as Jim was moving out, and I was helping with the move. This fellow was disabled, and so couldn't physically do any packing, cleaning, etc. himself which was why I was there. But every day, at 7:30 am as we began another day of fun, Jim would walk up from his apartment down the hall with coffee and a boom box and join in to help any way he could.


His positive, can do attitude really meant a lot to both myself and the tenant who was moving, and it made the days go by quite smoothly. I really appreciated Jim's help, and told him several times, which he always responded to with "HEY, it's just what we do man". Seeing this bond of brotherhood between two neighbors and fellow veterans was heartwarming, and inspiring.

Photo Credit: VHCB AmeriCorps

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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