Story of The Week 4/24/2017

How The H.E.A.T Squad Makes An Impact

By Liam Fagan, H.E.A.T. Squad Community Engagement Specialist

As HEAT Squad continues to expand and do our best to tell our story, I have been collecting new customer testimonials. I knew these customers were all happy, willing customers, but I was surprised at how glad customers were to simply have someone to offer guidance through the weatherization process.

There are weatherization programs around the state to help low-income homeowners make necessary repairs, but it is otherwise tough to know what your home needs, who can perform the work, and how to access the available rebates and incentives from Efficiency Vermont. Getting a HEAT Squad Energy audit gives homeowners an unbiased source of information - as we do not perform any of our recommended follow up work, homeowners can trust that we are not trying to sell them on projects that maximize a profit. Instead, we help homeowners understand what is going to be the best "bang for their buck," and what will lead to the most comfortable home possible. From there, we recommend local contractors for these projects, and are available for help and answer questions along the way.

Once work is completed, we come back to the home to perform a second blower door test, the results of which we send to Efficiency Vermont to get the homeowner access to rebates and incentives. Customers expressed that having a set path to follow made the process of weatherization much less daunting, and knowing that the HEAT Squad was available every step of the way for assistance was comforting. Simply understanding what it means to get your home weatherized is often the biggest barrier in doing so, which prevents homeowners not only from saving money but also from lowering their environmental impact and increasing their comfort.

I was glad to hear that HEAT Squad has made a positive impact on their lives, and that my role in helping them through the process was appreciated as well.

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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