Story of the Week 6/15/2016

Inspiring Interviews

By Chelsea Boston, Resource Specialist at Good Samaritan Haven

524274_364372736931939_1444251892_nMy position at the Good Samaritan Haven is anything but a desk job. Don't get me wrong; I have a desk, and I spend plenty of time in the office. However, my service often extends beyond the shelter, as I accompany residents to apartment showings, meet with staff from other organizations, and attend community events. I love these chances to get out and about, and have gained some unique experiences through such adventures.

Recently, I attended a community conversation about homelessness at the Christ Church
in Montpelier. I was asked to speak about my own experiences with homelessness, the Chelsea Boston - Interviewchallenges in solving this monumental problem, and strategies that might help. I was one of several people who spoke about this subject, and it was an inspiring experience.  Also in attendance at the Christ Church that night was Senator Bill Doyle. I had the privilege of
meeting him at the end of the event, and he asked me if I would be willing to meet him later that week for an interview with some other members of the Good Samaritan staff. I was honored by his invitation, and quickly accepted.

That Friday, I went with my site supervisor and one of our former residents to ORCAMedia in Montpelier. Senator Doyle was already there waiting for us, so we went into the studio and donned our microphones. We were buzzing with excitement as the cameraman gave us our cue.  Senator Doyle interviewed us about the Good Samaritan Haven's services, what we thought was effective in reducing homelessness, and what challenge still lay ahead. We chatted about the youth in our community and all the cool volunteer projects they have done at the shelter in the last few months. Despite the Senator's lofty status, he was incredibly kind and very easy to talk to. It is obvious that the topic is of great importance to him, and that he is committed to ending homelessness in Vermont.  Hopefully, I will get another chance to interact with him down the line as I continue my AmeriCorps service.

Photo credits: Good Samaritan Haven

VHCB AmeriCorps is a program of the
Vermont Housing & Conservation Board.

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