Aires Hill Farm Awarded Funds for Monitoring Technology

Since taking over the farm from in 2014, Karie Atherton is the 7th generation in her family to own and operate Aires Hill Farm in Berkshire, a 500+ acre dairy where she milks 190 cows. In January 2018, she was awarded $40,000 in Dairy Improvement Grant funds to purchase and install a cow activity & milk monitoring system to help identify the early onset of cow mastitis - a common challenge for dairy cows and dairy farmers alike. This new technology will provide Atherton with more detailed information on how each cow is fairing and allow her to target treatment where its needed most and reduce reliance on antibiotics and hormones. The funds for this grant program were provided by Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, LLC to improve milk production and support business viability. The Aires Hill Farm project will have positive impacts for the health of Atherton's cows, and it will also increase the farm’s efficiency by allowing her to focus time on the cows that need proactive treatment.