King Farm in Fletcher Conserved, Transferred to New Owners

King Farm
A 180-acre farm in Fletcher was conserved on March 26. Delmar King and his wife Madeline bought the farm in 1948. They are now both deceased. Delmar died in 2018, at 98, after owning the farm for 70 years. The King family decided to honor Delmar’s legacy by conserving the farm before they sold it. They also wanted to pass it on to young farmers, if possible.

Hannah and John Doyle
John and Hannah Doyle are the proud new owners of conserved farmland in Fletcher, having moved from their previous location in Bakersfield.

Hannah and John Doyle are very glad the Kings made that decision. They are an excellent match for the farm. Conserving the farm made it possible for them to move their farm operation from a cramped hillside in Bakersfield to a spacious and scenic location in Fletcher. The house and barn are “fixer uppers” and they are excited about transforming the farm into a valuable addition to the community. Their pigs were moved into the barn weeks before the closing so they could make a smooth transition before farrowing. They may have to change their farm name, Boneyard Farm, because their new farm is not a rocky hill farm.

Hannah and John met while they were both hiking the entire Long Trail, although in opposite directions. They shared a campsite and in the morning John decided to switch directions and hike the rest of the way with Hannah. Smart man!