McKnight Lane in Waltham: A Fresh Start

aerial view of McKnight Lane-NY-Times-Jacob-Hannah-photo

"McKnight Lane was the fresh start that my daughter and I have been searching for the past two years. After some big changes in our lives, I was now on my own to start my life over. I moved back home to get on my feet, something no adult wants to have to do, followed by a rental home with a roommate. Although a step in the right direction, where I lived never truly felt like home, until now."

Summer 2016 was where my story began. I had contacted Addison County Community Trust in an attempt to find more affordable, independent housing for both me and my daughter. The first step, paperwork. After it was determined that I was eligible, I was given some information as to what was available at the time, and what would be available in the future, McKnight Lane being one of them. I wanted to make the right decision, and was so overwhelmed at the time. I got as much information on each location as I could, but for McKnight Lane, it would be a waiting game. I felt it was time to take a gamble and hold off on other housing and cross my fingers that I would be lucky enough to be able to move in to a unit on McKnight Lane. I was! It was a huge relief, and I looked forward to having a place to call my own and a clean slate to work with, a brand new home.

On October 7, 2016 I signed my lease and was the first tenant to move in. I am beyond thankful for the help of friends and family for getting me in and settled so quickly, and for the ease that Addison County Community Trust provided. The lease signing was easy and straight forward, I had the opportunity to meet many of the people that joined together to get these homes up and going, and got a lesson on many different parts of the home. From the efficient heating and cooling systems, to the water heater, right down to the washer and dryer, everyone made sure I knew everything I needed in order to make my occupancy successful. Now, at the end of the year, I truly feel home. A place to call my own, a wonderful support team if I ever have any questions, and each day I am truly in awe of how wonderful and efficient these homes really are. I couldn’t be happier to be a McKnight Lane tenant.

Alexis LaBerge


Alexis checks energy use in her home.

New York Times photo by Jacob Hannah