Water Quality Grants

  • The Viability Program provides grants of up to $40,000 to help Vermont farmers invest in water quality-related on-farm infrastructure. This program is funded by the State of Vermont.

    Eligible Applicants

    Any Vermont farm with a gross farm income of $15,000 or more that is required to comply with Vermont’s Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs)

    Eligible Projects

    Projects to make on-farm capital improvements that also have direct, positive impacts on water quality are eligible for funding. The following types of projects have been funded in the past: 

    • Construction, renovation, or upgrades to farm infrastructure
    • Purchase of equipment that will be used frequently; is essential to the business; cannot be rented; and leads to innovative farm practices (*Note: Applications for equipment must include a price quote).

    A minimum of one-to-one match funding is required.

    Read about previously awarded Water Quality Grants in FY 2017 and FY 2018.


    NEW deadline to submit applications: Friday, March 26, 2021 by 5PM!

    Applications submitted in advance of the deadline will be reviewed for funding.


    Application Materials

    1) APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please read before beginning your application.

    • Instructions for submitting grant applications and using our electronic system are found in the instructions PDF, linked above. We encourage all applicants to use the electronic system, where possible. If you have trouble using this electronic system or would like to understand alternative ways to submit your application, please email Aaron Guman at @email.

    2) APPLICATION CHECKLIST: Lists all required application materials. 

    3) WATER QUALITY GRANT APPLICATION: Fillable PDF format. Please make sure to read the application instructions (above) before completing and submitting your application.



    If you have questions about this grant, please contact Aaron Guman at @email or 828-5587.

  • VHCB Water Quality Grants Flier with Assistance Resources


Recent Success Stories

Caleb Smith, Dorset Peak Jerseys

Dorset Peak Jerseys Awarded Water Quality Grant

In November 2017, Caleb & Jessie Smith, owners of Dorset Peak Jerseys in Danby, VT, were awarded a $40,000 Water Quality Grant to build a covered barnyard & freestall barn.