Story of the Week

I have been trying to put into words how VHCB has inspired me to do my best. But, being the voice of the members, I don’t want to just reflect my experience, I want to try to represent a collective experience. I reached out to other members last week, and I thought there would be some variation, but it turns out that VHCB serves us in really similar ways.

About a year ago, after just graduating from college I was looking for jobs every day. Every day, after coming home from working in a restaurant, I would sit down at my computer and scroll through all the “job search” sites. Trying to find something that would actually be fulfilling.  Finally, I came across a listing that read something along the lines of “Environmental stewardship position focused on land management for conserved land. Invasive species work, boundary marking, etc. etc.” but what I really read was “get this job. This is what you’ve been looking for. Get it. Do not miss this opportunity”

At this point I didn’t really know what AmeriCorps was.  It was a passing thought and I felt like I was really applying to Vermont Land Trust.

Until I started the short, simple EIGHT section application process that definitely took no time at all. By the end of that, I had a better idea of what AmeriCorps is.

But it was at the orientation that I fully understood what I was signing up to be a part of.Rebecca Roman addresses 2018-19 VHCB AmeriCorps crew at our teambuilding challenge.

Maybe it was during our first service project spreading dirt and learning about invasives, or over the shared meals, or at the bonfires. 

But when I think about that time, it stands out for me. Because in those moments with all of you I realized “I have a purpose again!” I am part of something bigger and now I know how I am going to have an impact! And I was feeling all of your excitement and enthusiasm and my energy was enhanced 10 times by that. And together, we were all launching into a new adventure – one where we were excited to be given a direction for how we can best use our skills to make positive change. I realized all of that, and I hadn’t even made it to my host site yet!

So why does VHCB inspire me to do my best? Because through VHCB, I have been connected to so many others who have the same desire to be a positive influence in communities. Because it has helped place me in a site where I can best apply my skills. Because it directed me to re-find my purpose and make me feel part of something bigger than myself.

VHCB is like the captain of a ship for positive change and we, as the members, are the crew. Helping each of us find our role, she is guiding us using the North Star to “get things done for America.”

And although we are each part of such different service, it is this core experience of getting to apply our talents with a meaningful purpose and serving alongside such inspiring people, at our host sites and amongst ourselves, that drives us to do our best.