Story of the Week

Teresa and children

We met on site to assess the garden area, fill the two small raised beds with dirt and compost, plant some pumpkin seeds, and clear the space of overgrown branches that were climbing over and poking through the surrounding fence. 

 The garden area sits above the apartment building and is accessed by a set of stairs leading up from the back door. It is a very sunny area that is used heavily by the many children and their families who live at Crystal Lake. I noticed that there was no shady place to sit for a parent watching their children play, so I spoke to my site supervisor and approved the purchase of a small garden bench that I had found at a local hardware store at a discounted price.

 My father volunteered to help me assemble it. I borrowed his truck, brought it to the location and placed it in the garden along with two signs stating the garden safety rules and social distancing guidelines. Since then, I’ve been back to place a large garden umbrella and my own donated patio table, a rain barrel to provide a water source for the gardens.  We cleared an area around the bench and planted flowers.  We filled and hung a hummingbird feeder in view of an elderly resident’s window that we knew would find joy in watching the hummingbirds. This week I am working with the property manager to coordinate the installation of a large redwood swing-set with a slide that I’m able to donate now that my children have outgrown it. My goal is to improve the very little outdoor accommodations this property had to begin with is coming along beautifully.

 Teresa, the property manager, is incredibly pleased. She mentioned that she would like to take a video of all of the work and progress that was made when it is fully completed to post on Rural Edge’s Facebook page so that everyone can see what was accomplished and in hopes of attracting new potential residents in the future!

 All of the work that I’ve done so far this summer has been truly rewarding and enjoyable.  This project speaks closely to my heart and so far is my favorite one as I am able to directly impact the quality of the children’s lives for the better.