AmeriCorps Member Recruitment

  • Member Recruitment Process:

    VHCB AmeriCorps candidates apply directly to a specific position/host site through the online National AmeriCorps Portal using a standard AmeriCorps Application. Resumes and other means of application can be accepted to begin the process, but all successful applicants must submit an application in the AmeriCorps Portal before a position offer is made. Applications are received at the VHCB AmeriCorps office and then immediately forwarded on to the Host Site. 

    Once you have received applications,  the first step is to interview candidates you are interested in.

    AmeriCorps Interviews:

    • Please use the VHCB AmeriCorps Member Interview Packet. Be aware: VHCB AmeriCorps requires notes from the interview and notes from at least one phone reference check. You may use the interview form included in the  interview packet, or submit your own form of notes.
    • There are 3 mandatory questions that should be asked in all member interviews - please include the responses to these questions in your interview notes.
    • While interviewing, please inform the candidate that any information that they disclose in the interview process may be shared with VHCB AmeriCorps.
    • Beyond the 3 mandatory questions, you may facilitate the interview according to the needs of the host sites.  If you are unfamiliar with interviewing, be sure to review what is legal/not legal to ask in an interview, and let us know if you’d like any guidance.
    • You may interview as many candidates that you are interested in and there is not a set minimum number of candidates you must interview.
    • Most applicants have applied to multiple AmeriCorps positions – don’t wait to engage an applicant that seems like a potential fit or they will likely no longer be available!
    • Host Sites may review applicants on a rolling basis, and do not need to wait for the application deadline to select a candidate.

    You must conduct at least one phone reference check on the candidate you'd like to select. Documentation of the phone reference check must be submitted to Program staff - you may use the optional AmeriCorps phone reference check form included in the interview packet, or may submit your own notes. You may make use of the 2 written references provided with the application, or ask the candidate for additional references.

    Once you have decided on the candidate you'd like to choose, send all of the applicant’s materials to VHCB AmeriCorps included in the Complete Interview Packet. VHCB AmeriCorps staff will review the application, interview notes, and take the first steps in conducting the National Service Criminal History Check. If the candidate meets Program requirements, VHCB staff will send the candidate a position offer.  While it is fine to let the candidate know that you have recommended them for the position to AmeriCorps staff, please do not offer them the position!

    When a candidate returns an Intent-To-Commit Form included in the position offer, we will consider the position filled and close the application process.  



    Host Sites are responsible for recruitment of the member. We suggest running ads, posting on Craigslist and other online resources, word of mouth, front porch forum, etc. VHCB AmeriCorps will place general ads in Craigslist and Seven Days. When advertising, host sites should indicate that the position is part of the AmeriCorps program, and should be consistent with AmeriCorps language, and use the AmeriCorps Logo when possible. We are happy to review advertisements and assist with AmeriCorps lingo. 

    Candidates interested in the position should be directed to the VHCB AmeriCorps website AmeriCorps Positions page first. Full position descriptions are listed here along with a link to the application. Due to character limits, positions are only partially listed on the AmeriCorps Portal.



    Now – August 25th: Positions are open to applicants.  Host sites may opt for an early application deadline. Host Sites should actively advertise the positions during this time.

    Host Sites interview and conduct phone interviews on candidates of interest.  Application Materials are sent to VHCB AmeriCorps for approval and to make position offers.  Successful Candidates must accept the position by August 28th, 2020.

    Please note, AmeriCorps requires members to clear their criminal history check before they are allowed to begin service.  This process takes several business days, therefore candidates must be cleared to begin service on September 9th.

    Date of acceptance – September 8th: VHCB staff conduct Criminal History checks on Applicants.

    September 9th – September 11th: VHCB AmeriCorps Orientation

    September 14th: Members begin service at the host site.